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More On How Academic World Reacted Toward the War on Gaza

January 28, 2009

In Cairo: Egypt students of both Cairo Universities and Ain Shams Universities

… took initiative to collect donations and organize campaigns in support of Gaza.

According to Daily News Egypt, The American University in Cairo,

…” is a community that calls for proactive individuals that are to lead this country one day. We are therefore accountable to make AUC faculty, staff, and students aware that they can be effective populace and that sympathy without action is not enough,” the AUCians for Gaza team wrote on the homepage of their Facebook group. They added that the reason for their support to Gaza was strictly humanitarian and has nothing to do with politics…

…”We are students from different universities and we hardly know each other but we all united for one cause; saving innocent humans,” a medical student added….

…Preferring to remain anonymous for security reasons, some students told Daily News Egypt that to make sure that the supplies they collected reach Gaza, they will be taking them to the Rafah border themselves…


Also in Cambridge University,

Since Friday evening we have been occupying the University Law Faculty. In solidarity with the 17 other non-violent occupations in Universities across the country, we aim to convince our University to offer aid to the people of Gaza.

Check their blog here

For more Academic reactions check Lorenz post David Graeber: Boycott Israel! – More anthropologists on Gaza (II), And his first (updated) post Anthropologists on the war on Gaza

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